The Wealthiest Person in Texas is …

Wealth-X recently identified the richest person in each of the 50 states.

Citybizlist went through the list and extracted the wealthy elite from each state covered in our radius.

“With 425 billionaires, the United States contains over a third of the total number worldwide and the study by Wealth-X also included every ultra-high-net worth individual (UHNWI) with a fortune of over $30 million in the country.

“Looking at the 60,280 UNHWI’s in the U.S. worth $8.28 trillion, Wealth-X found them spread across the 50 states and in most cases living close to the company or firm which they founded or were the CEO of,” according to Daily Mail, which published the list.

To no surprise, Bill Gates, who lives in Seattle, Wash., is America’s wealthiest person worth $64.5 billion.

Following are the wealthiest people in the states covered by citybizlist along with their overall ranking, estimated wealth, and source of fortune.

6: New York: Michael Bloomberg: $24.8 billion – New York City Mayor and owner of Bloomberg LP

8: Virginia: Forrest Mars, Jr.: $17 billion – Part-owner of Mars candy company and grandson of the late Frank C. Mars

9: Texas: Michael Dell: $14 billion – CEO of Dell Inc

11: Massachusetts: Abigail Johnson: $11.9 billion – President, Fidelity Financial Services

12: Georgia: Anne Cox Chambers: $11.2 billion – Member of Cox Enterprises’ board of directors, chairwoman of Atlanta Newspapers

16: Pennsylvania: Hansjorg Wyss: $7.7 billion – Chairman of Swiss medical device manufacturer Synthes Holding AG

17: North Carolina: James Goodnight: $7.4 billion – CEO of SAS Institute

24: Florida: Joseph Lewis: $3.9 billion – Founder of Tavistock Group and owner of Tottenham Hotspur soccer team in England

26: Maryland: Theodore Lerner: $3.9 billion – Founder of real estate firm Lerner Enterprises

See the entire list here.


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