DynaResource Completes $2.9M Private Placement

DynaResource, Inc., a Resource Investment and Management Company based in Irving, Texas, with a current focus on the San Jose de Gracia high grade gold project in Sinaloa State, Mexico, is pleased to announce that it has completed a Private Placement to existing Shareholders in the total amount of $2,902,930 USD.   The Placement consisted of:  (a) 138,670 Common Shares at $ 4.00 per Share; and, (b) 469,650 Common Shares at $ 5.00 per Share. The total Placement was for 608,320 Common Shares resulting in Gross Proceeds to the Company of $ 2,902,930 USD. (at an average cost basis of $ 4.77/Share). In addition to the 608,320 Common Shares sold, 939,300 Warrants were granted to purchasers of which; 469,650 Warrants are exercisable at a price of $ 5.00 per Share on or before December 31, 2014, and 469,650 Warrants are exercisable at a price of $ 7.50 per Share on or before December 31, 2015.  All Common Shares sold in the Placement, and additional Common Shares to be issued upon exercise of Warrants are to be issued pursuant to Rule 144.

The Proceeds of the Placement will be utilized as follows:  (1) for advancing funds to DynaResource de Mexico SA de CV. ("DynaMexico"), the 100 % owner of the SJG; (2) for advancing funds to Mineras de DynaResource SA de CV ("Mineras"), the named Operating Entity at SJG under contract with DynaMexico; and for subsequent expenditures by DynaMexico, Mineras, and DynaUSA for costs associated with:  (a) compiling and completing of a NI 43-101 Technical Report and Mineral Resource Estimate for SJG; (b) protecting the Company and DynaMexico against improper and unauthorized use of confidential data and property assets;  (c) protecting against inaccurate and un-approved disclosures related to SJG and DynaMexico by third parties;  (d) protecting against insubordination and ignoring of fiduciary responsibilities by certain directors of DynaMexico;  and, (e) for other corporate purposes in Mexico; and, (3) general corporate purposes. 

About the San Jose de Gracia Project
The San Jose de Gracia Project covers 69,121 hectares and is 100% owned by DynaResource de Mexico, the Company's 50% owned subsidiary in Mexico ("DynaMexico").  In excess of one million ounces gold was reportedly produced from the SJG in the early 1900's, with approximately 470,000 Oz. reportedly produced at an average gold grade of 66.7 g/t. In June 2010, the SJG Project was recognized by the State of Sinaloa as the most significant Gold Project in Sinaloa State for the year 2010.

On March 29, 2012, DynaUSA announced the filing with SEDAR (www.sedar.com) of the 2012 DynaMexico Luna-CAM SJG Technical Report which was commissioned by DynaMexico in the best interests of DynaMexico and the SJG Property. And, on January 8, 2013, DynaUSA filed with SEDAR an updated 2012 DynaMexico Luna-CAM Technical Report. The 2012 DynaMexico SJG Technical Report was revised and updated in order to include additional disclosures, updated maps, and revised work programs, and the Technical Reports can be viewed under the Company's profile on SEDAR (www.sedar.com), and on the Company's website at www.dynaresource.com.

The DynaMexico Luna-CAM SJG Technical Reports included as Item 14.0 a NI 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate as prepared by Mr. Robert Sandefur BS, MSc, P.E., a senior reserve analyst for Chlumsky, Armbrust & Meyer LLC, Lakewood, CO. ("CAM"), and a Qualified Person as defined under NI 43-101 (the "2012 DynaMexico-CAM SJG Mineral Resource Estimate", and the "Mineral Resource Estimate").

The 2012 DynaMexico-CAM SJG Mineral Resource Estimate concentrates on four separate main vein systems at SJG: Tres Amigos, San Pablo, La Union, and La Purisima.  The Mineral Resource Estimate includes Indicated Resources at:  (1) Tres Amigos of 893,000 tonnes with an average grade of 4.46 g/t, totaling 128,000 Oz. Au; and (2) San Pablo of 1,308,000 tonnes with an average grade of 6.52 g/t, totaling 274,000 Oz. Au.  The Resource Estimate also includes an Inferred Resource of 3,953,000 tonnes in aggregate for the four main vein systems, with an average grade of 5.83 g/t, totaling 741,000 Oz. Au. The Effective Date of the 2012 DynaMexico Luna-CAM SJG Technical Reports and including the 2012 DynaMexico-CAM SJG 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate is February 6, 2012. The Mineral Resource Estimate is reported using a 2.0 g/t cut off grade for underground mining. As of the Effective Date of the Technical Reports and Mineral Resource Estimate, there is no economic assessment report completed for SJG so the precise cutoff grade for possible underground mining has not yet been determined.

A preliminary economic assessment study, or similar preliminary evaluation, is expected to be commissioned by DynaMexico in the near future.

About DynaUSA and DynaMexico
DynaUSA is a resource investment and management company based in Irving, Texas, with a current focus on the San Jose de Gracia Project in Mexico, targeting growth in the defining and production of predominately gold resources.  DynaUSA formed its subsidiary, DynaMexico, in March 2000 specifically for the purpose of acquiring and consolidating the mining concessions and related interests forming the SJG Project.  The consolidation of the entire SJG Project to DynaMexico was completed in 2003, which at that time consisted of approximately 15 Sq. Km. of mining concessions, * except for the San Miguel Mining Concession (7 Hectares, which DynaMexico is endeavoring to accomplish the transfer of title to DynaMexico, under previously signed sale and purchase agreements).

During the period 2003-2006, DynaMexico conducted Pilot Production operations at the San Pablo area of SJG, reporting production results of: 18,250 Oz. Gold produced; 42,000 tons mill feed; average feed grades of approximately 15-20 g/t Gold; and, average production costs of less than $175./Oz.

In September 2006, the Company and DynaMexico entered into an Earn In/Option Agreement with Goldgroup Resources Inc., subsequently Goldgroup Mining Inc., of Vancouver, BC. ("Goldgroup") and granted options to Goldgroup to acquire up to 50% of the outstanding shares of DynaMexico by financing $18 Million USD in capital contributions to DynaMexico and to be expended by DynaMexico in exploration/development costs at the SJG Project.  The final option under that option agreement was exercised in March of 2011, so that Goldgroup now holds 50% of the outstanding shares of DynaMexico, and DynaUSA retains 50 % of the outstanding shares of DynaMexico.

Exclusive Operating Entity at San Jose de Gracia
Under agreement with DynaMexico, Mineras de DynaResource SA de CV. ("Mineras") has been named the exclusive operating entity at the San Jose de Gracia Project.  DynaUSA owns 100% of Mineras.

DynaMexico General Power of Attorney
The Chairman-CEO of DynaUSA also serves as the President of DynaMexico and as the President of Mineras.  And, the President of DynaMexico holds a broad power of attorney granted by the shareholders of DynaMexico which gives the current President significant and broad authority within DynaMexico.

For further information on DynaUSA and DynaMexico, please visit www.dynaresource.com

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