Dallas Among 12 American Cities with Larger Economies Than Many Countries


By Bill Murphy

The economies of 12 metropolitan regions in the United States are so big they rank with the world?s 50 largest economies, according to a report.

Dallas, along with Fort Worth and Arlington, had a Gross Metropolitan Product of $401 billion, more than the Gross Domestic Product of each of Venezuela, Greece and Malaysia.

New York City, along with the adjoining regions of Northern New Jersey and Long Island, was the biggest of the dozen U.S. cities with a GMP of $1.29 trillion in 2011. Its economy was bigger than each of Mexico, South Korea and the Netherlands, Business Insider said, citing a study by IHS Global Insight.

Other U.S. cities on the list include Washington, D.C., Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta and Miami.

?Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 37 of them belong to metropolitan areas of the United States. Our 20 largest-producing metros individually gross more than the individual economies of Vietnam, Morocco, Bangladesh, Slovakia, or Croatia, and united have a greater total product than 148 countries combined,? IHS Global said in its report. ?The total GMP of our metro economies ($13 trillion) is equal to 24% of production of the largest 200 countries (excluding the US), and is greater than the combined product of 178 of those countries.?

Business Insider pulled the 12 cities from IHS Global Insight?s report titled, "Outlook - Gross Metropolitan Product, and Critical Role of Transportation Infrastructure."

The following are the data on all the 12 cities, along with comparisons with three countries:

New York
New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island: $1.29 trillion
Mexico GDP: $1.15 trillion
South Korea GDP: $1.12 trillion
Netherlands GDP: $838 billion

Washington, DC
Washington-Arlington-Alexandria: $434 billion
Austria GDP: $418 billion
South Africa GDP: $409 billion
United Arab Emirates GDP: $372 billion

Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown: $420 billion
Thailand GDP: $346 billion
Denmark GDP: $334 trillion
Colombia GDP: $333 billion

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington: $401 billion
Venezuela GDP: $318 billion
Greece GDP: $299 billion
Malaysia GDP: $279 billion

Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington GMP: $353 billion
Nigeria GDP: $273 billion
Finland GDP: $267 billion
Singapore GDP: $260 billion

Boston-Cambridge-Quincy GMP: $326 billion
Chile GDP: $235 billion
Egypt GDP: $231 billion
Philippines GDP: $225 billion

Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta GMP: $284 billion
Ireland GDP: $218 billion
Algeria GDP: $217 billion
Czech Republic GDP: $215 billion

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach GMP: $260 billion
Pakistan GDP: $209 billion
Iraq GDP: $195 billion
Romania GDP: $190 billion

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