Dairy.com to Acquire Blimling Companies

Adds Leading Dairy Economists, Consulting, Risk Management and More to the Dairy.com Team

FRISCO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dairy.com, which provides cloud-based dairy supply chain solutions and bulk commodity trading, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Blimling and Associates, Inc. and its two sister companies. Blimling and Associates is widely regarded as one of the industry’s most respected groups of analysts, providing market insight and actionable intelligence to dairy businesses for two decades.

“Over the years, like many in the industry, Dairy.com has looked to Blimling and Associates for its unique insights,” said Dairy.com CEO Scott Sexton. “The team is passionate about dairy markets, as demonstrated by its track record and reputation. That’s why so many of today’s leading dairy enterprises—from farm to plate—partner with Blimling to understand market dynamics and to mitigate market volatility. We’re excited to combine those talents with our technology.”

The Blimling Companies—comprised of Blimling and Associates Inc., Roger W. Blimling Inc. and Blimling Management Services Inc.—offer a wide range of services, including timely and insightful research publications, on-going market consultations, customized training, educational programs, and more. Roger W. Blimling, Inc. is a licensed commodity brokerage firm introducing business to ADM Investor Services.

Commenting on the acquisition, Blimling President and CEO Phil Plourd said, “Joining forces with Dairy.com is a significant milestone in our quest to provide world-class clients with world-class services. Our long-standing professional and personal relationships with Dairy.com give us great confidence that our clients and other stakeholders will reap ‘right team, right technology’ benefits.”

Under the new structure, Plourd will continue to lead a team of 11 experienced professionals from its base in Madison, Wisconsin and three other locations across the U.S.

The combination of Dairy.com’s cloud-based, dairy supply chain solutions with Blimling and Associates’ leading advisory capabilities will empower today’s decision makers with the technology and intelligence necessary to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Visit http://www.dairy.com/blimling-acquisition/ to watch a video announcement, featuring Scott Sexton and Phil Plourd, and to review Frequently Asked Questions.

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