Skratch Mobile App Expands North Texas Market Reach, Providing More Teens with “Gigs” In Their Neighborhood this Summer


Mobile App Safely Connecting Neighbors with Teens is Now Available in Nine North Dallas Zip Codes

School is out for summer and teens are on the hunt for jobs that allow for flexible schedules and put cash in their pockets, despite their limited work experience. Forget about babysitting, camp counseling and part-time retail jobs; in today’s gig economy, “gigs” are the new way to make money. Skratch, a demand-based mobile app for the iPhone that connects teens in local neighborhoods with adults who are looking for help with tasks, is now in nine zip codes in North Dallas. Developed for teens looking for quick, safe and skill-based ways to make extra cash, Skratch makes it simple for adults to “get life done” with gigs for teens that include dog walker, sports mentor, tutor, personal assistant, travel assistant and more. The app’s North Texas expansion allows more teens to find simple, honest work in their neighborhood, while providing meaningful assistance to adults. 

“I grew up working as a teen and learned so much,” said Scott Bennett, co-founder of Skratch. “Most importantly, it made me appreciate the freedom and independence that earning money gave me. My business partner and I are now raising our own teenagers and we realize that those ‘first foot in the door’ experiences are no longer available to teens. Thus, Skratch was born.” 

Focused on the safety of “Skratchers” (teens) and “Seekers” (adults) first, Skratch has slowly and strategically unlocked the app in new zip codes in North Dallas. Less than one year since launching, Skratch is now available in nine zip codes: 75248, 75240, 75080, 75254, 75230, 75287, 75093, 75024 and 75252. Skratch works to fill a void by leveraging technology and community to create trusted connections. The app allows a Skratcher to find and complete hyper-local gigs for cash. For ages 14 through 19, Skratchers have access to dozens of safe, paid opportunities that work best with their schedule and skill set. Meanwhile, Seekers can reach potential providers of the service with a few taps on their phone and have gigs completed same day or at a specified day and time by neighborhood teens.

Bennett continued, “The gig economy is already shifting the ways in which we work, but Skratch is the first solution to merge the concept of gigs with community. Skratch brings neighbors together, often for the first time, for a common good. Skratch is creating powerful transformation within communities of for profit, for good.”

To learn more about Skratch and the gigs in your neighborhood, visit

About Skratch

Skratch is a mobile app designed to connect young people to paying gigs in their neighborhood, with the overall mission of simply doing good. Skratch was created to be a community-driven marketplace and an opportunity engine, helping teens make some extra “skratch” in their free time. Using modern technology of swiping through gig options, Skratch makes it easy for users to post, find, and complete gigs near them. For more information, visit or check out Skratch on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat (@getskratch)

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